3.2. – What arbitration systems are in place for disputes?

What is the relationship between the editorial, marketing departments and the advertising sales department?

Who decides, finally, whether or not to publish a delicate advertisement? Who holds the right to authorise these decisions which may be made for economic, editorial or symbolic reasons?

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De Standaard : Editorial department


Europe 1 : News management

France 24 : The editorial head

Le Monde : Association of Editors and general management

Traditionally, the head of the Association of Editors is asked to give their opinion. A discussion takes place between the Editorial and Advertising departments, and the general management decides when there are disputes.

Ouest France : The editorial management team

Editorial management can refuse the publication of an advertisement. It monitors all newspaper content. To ensure that the newspaper’s humanist values are respected, the editorial management even checks the wording in the deaths announcements where the content often causes problems.


Berliner Zeitung : The Editor-in-Chief

ZDF : A specific department exists

Since 2004, ZDF has created a department which ensures that no undue influence is exerted on programmes (particularly TV game shows) or on editorial independence (see press release regarding the recent case «â€¯stellungnahme-des-zdf-zu-den-spiegel-vorwuerfen » ZDF response to the Spiegel allegations).

In serious litigation cases, the directors’ representatives arbitrate. As a last resort, the Managing Director of the channel intervenes.


The Irish Times : Editorial department


Polskie Radio, kanal 3 : Management

United Kingdom

BBC : An editorial committee for each channel

The Editorial Committee of BBC Worldwide (the only channel in the group that may broadcast advertising) makes the decisions regarding advertising choices. The Editorial Policy Team which controls editorial policy is also consulted.

The Guardian : Information not provided