2014 is the 5th edition of Panorama.

33 items, 26 newspapers, 11 broadcasts, 10 TV channels, in 9 countries : Germany, Belgium, Brazil, Spain, France, Ireland, Poland, UK and Switzerland.

Only a few of them are today available in English.


Definition of « ethics procedures »

Since quality depends primarily on manufacturing conditions (collection, production, diffusion, monitoring), this survey is focus on the news production chain and not on its contents.


The survey

In 2010 : only daily national or regional newspapers.

In 2011 other newspapers (25 in total) and addition of TV channels (8).

In 2012 addition of the radio stations(8). Others newspapers and TV channels have been added but the Spanish Público has stop its diffusion and the Brazilian Valor Económico didn’t wanted to appear in Panorama.

2013 was the year of consolidation of the survey.

In 2014 Panorama is more European with the apparition of German, Polish and Irish media.


The benefits of the Panorama survey

This website is useful to the public as to the media stakeholders: journalists, advertisers and partners, users and customers, public authorities …

The Panorama’ data can be used by each media for deepening an often fragmented ethics approach which is rarely consider as a real business project.