8.2. – Is there pay transparency? 

A company can choose to make the terms of its pay policy accessible to all its salaried staff, using tools or procedures which allow for pay transparency.

Complete answers


De Standaard : No


Europe 1 : No

France 24 : Information not provided

Le Monde : Yes, but…

There is pay transparency for editorial journalists but this does not apply to management staff.

Ouest France : More or less

The salary grid is reworked every year by representatives from HR, trade unions and the head editorial team. It is publicly available.

There are automatic pay increases for a change of role, length of service and also individual promotions which are more infrequent and less transparent.

There are no individual bonuses.


Berliner Zeitung : No

ZDF : For directors

The Managing Director and management team remunerations are available (channel supervisor, for example).


The Irish Times : According to the trade union pay scale

All salaries are contracted (according to the professional trade union pay scale) but bonuses are not made public. The principle of share-ownership was introduced at the beginning of the 2000s but the company has not made a profit since 2008.


Polskie Radio, kanal 3 : No

United Kingdom

BBC : For the Directors’ salaries

The salaries of the Directors can be consulted on the BBC website as can their expenses.

The Guardian : No