6.4. – Is there sustainable management of film materials?

Cameras, their supports, batteries, lights, microphones, etc. become obsolete and need to be replaced.

How is this material managed in the context of sustainable policies?

When material is renewed, where does obsolete material go? Is it re-used or recycled? Is it sent to TV stations in developing countries?

Complete answers


De Standaard : Information not provided


Europe 1 : Information not provided

France 24 : In progress

France 24 has chosen to use light film cameras which function with memory cards and so do not use disposable material.

Le Monde : It is still too early to talk about

The question is not yet relevant since material only dates back to 2006.


Berliner Zeitung : Information not provided

ZDF : Where possible


The Irish Times : Not relevant


Polskie Radio, kanal 3 : No

United Kingdom

BBC : Information not provided

The Guardian : Non pertinent